Gooseberry Achaar


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This year, we made only one batch of our gooseberry achaar so get it while you can.  Gooseberry achaar is a seasonal and limited edition relish made with local green gooseberries from Wilklow Orchards, safflower oil, a mix of Indian spices, red chili powder and unrefined cane sugar.  It has a spicy, sour, savory and sweet kick. 

Traditionally, this recipe is made with Indian gooseberries that have a hard texture and a seed in the middle, but we sub in American gooseberries that are grown locally to us instead. Usually eaten with rice, curry, dal and yogurt, this achaar pairs well with salmon, mild soft cheeses & pork chops. Try it on a sandwich or eggs or mixed into cold noodles.

Ingredients: Wilkow Orchards gooseberries, safflower oil, red chili powder, spices (black mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, asafetida), unrefined cane sugar, salt.

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