We Love Gooseberries!

Our friends at Wilklow Orchards grew the green gooseberries we made our gooseberry achaar with. If you haven't had an American gooseberry, you can most closely compare it to a sour grape. The red varieties are more sweet than the green ones. Usually, you may find gooseberries in sweet desserts like pies or tarts.  In India, you will find gooseberry varieties that are harder on the outside with a little seed in them. They are referred to as 'amla' in Hindi and are often used in medicines or digestives because they are super healthy.

Our gooseberry achaar maintains much of the flavor of the fruit with savory and spicy notes. This variety pairs well with most everything - we love it on a baguette with brie.

We only made one batch so get it while you can and savor the flavor of summer before its gone! Get it!

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