Chitra's Go-To Brooklyn Delhi Recipes

Chitra's Go-To Brooklyn Delhi Recipes

The condiments I develop at Brooklyn Delhi come straight from my home kitchen. These are the flavors I use everyday to make the food I eat. I have a super busy schedule but I make it a point to cook at home almost every day of the week.  I rely on my condiments quite a bit to add a lot of flavor to our meals.


We eat a lot of lentils or dal in our household. Sometimes if I'm really short on time, I just cook some red lentils, salt them and serve with plain rice topped with one of our achaars and yogurt. These lentils I cooked with chopped onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and coconut milk. 

Breakfast Tacos

On weekends, we make eggs and love to either make breakfast burritos or tacos. Our tomato and roasted garlic achaar are delicious with eggs and if you're vegan you can make a tofu scramble.

Rice and Curry

This is the tried and true pairing for achaar. Rice, curry, yogurt and little achaar for zing!

Roasted Garlic Achaar Pesto

This is an idea I got from my brother. Instead of the raw garlic, just add in a couple spoons of roasted garlic achaar into your pesto - delish!

Roasted Garlic Achaar Cheesy Bread

This is Ben's specialty and it's addictive. Take a baguette, spread it with softened butter and roasted garlic achaar. Liberally top with cheese (mozzerella or cheddar work well). Bake until bubbly.

Tomato Achaar Shakshuka

This was the first recipe I developed with my tomato achaar. It's a quick way to make the Middle Eastern brunch dish. Here's the recipe.

Roasted Garlic Achaar Aioli

This is our go-to burger and sandwich spread. It's addictive! Here's the recipe.

Soba Salad with Spicy Rhubarb Ginger Tahini Dressing

This is one of my most beloved recipes that I have been making for almost 10 years. It is still just as delicious as the first time I had it and I never tire of it. Anyone I serve this to becomes addicted immediately - beware! Get the recipe.

Tarte à la Tomato Achaar

This is a riff on the classic French tarte except with our tomato achaar spread on the bottom of the tarte instead of mustard. Here's the recipe.


My rhubarb ginger achaar yogurt dip is addictive and perfect for a quick snack or for serving to last minute guests. Take 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt and mix in 1-2 teaspoons of rhubarb ginger achaar or to taste. Serve with tortilla chips or naan. 

Some more fav combos are mixing plain hummus with our roasted garlic achaar and tomato achaar with lebne or mascarpone cheese.

Achaari Pizza

We love to make homemade pizza at home. We mix in a little tomato and roasted garlic achaar into our pizza sauce and it makes the most wonderfully spiced pizzas. We made these for New Year's one year and got the whole party hooked

Achaari Nachos

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with nachos. It is my favorite late night snack. I love to make it with sharp cheddar cheese (and if we have leftover beans or potato curry, I'll pile that on). Once hot and bubble, I top with plain yogurt, tomato achaar and cilantro.

Everyday Salad Dressing

We love to make our own salad dressings. My personal ratio is a 1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil. From there I add in a spoon of our Roasted Garlic Achaar or our Curry Mustard. Add salt to taste and if you need to take the edge off, add a bit of sugar.

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