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  • Tara's Hot Sauce Caramel Popcorn {RECIPE}

    Tara's Hot Sauce Caramel Popcorn {RECIPE}

    Meet Khaana Collective contributor Tara O'Brady!⠀Years ago, I discovered Tara’s blog Seven Spoons and fell in love (along with thousands of other readers) with her gorgeous recipes and deeply personal prose. Since then her blog, now retired, lives on in Tara’s award-winning cookbook of the same name and in her food writing which you will find regularly in The Globe and Mail, Epicurious and more. I’ve always been awed by Tara’s culinary range from her show stopping cakes to inventive mains that pay tribute to international flavors – her perfect chocolate chip cookies and chaat tostadas are staples in our home.⠀I went...

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  • Michelle's Paneer and Vegetable Korma {RECIPE}

    Michelle's Paneer and Vegetable Korma {RECIPE}

     Meet Khaana Collective contributor Michelle Braxton!⠀I am continually inspired by Michelle Braxton and her critically acclaimed blog Supper with Michelle where she shares her original vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian recipes. Her dishes are vibrant and fresh yet comforting and satisfying and as a lifelong vegetarian her culinary style speaks to me along with a highly engaged community of thousands of home cooks that love Michelle just as much as they love her cooking.⠀Not only is Michelle a culinary talent but she is also one of the most supportive and generous people I know. When I had just started Brooklyn Delhi,...

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  • Laura's Spicy Cauliflower Bites with Guntur Sannam Hot Sauce {RECIPE}

    Laura's Spicy Cauliflower Bites with Guntur Sannam Hot Sauce {RECIPE}

    Meet Khaana Collective contributor Laura Wright!⠀I have been a fan for years of Laura Wright's award-winning work at The First Mess, a plant-based recipe blog and cookbook. Laura has an impeccable eye for photography and a knack for combining seasonal, wholesome ingredients with global flavors to create recipes that are both delicious and unexpected. Her cooking draws on her background from culinary school, working in farm-to-table restaurants and being an avid gardener. I'm not alone in my love of Laura's recipes, she has captivated thousands upon thousands of home cooks and for good reason!⠀Over the years, I've learned so much...

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  • Shanika's Seared Leeks with Coconut Cashew Korma and Crispy Garlic {RECIPE}

    Shanika's Seared Leeks with Coconut Cashew Korma and Crispy Garlic {RECIPE}

    Meet Khaana Collective contributor Shanika Hillocks!Shanika Hillocks is a woman of many talents. Not only do I always learn something new from her thoughtful pieces in Condé Nast Traveler to Tasting Table to Thrillist, Shanika also runs influencer marketing for E. & J. Gallo Winery and a host of other clients all with the goal of spearheading marketing campaigns that are inclusive, equitable and effective. It’s a mystery how she finds the time for it all while also making me drool with everything she posts on her Instagram feed.I’m so thankful to know Shanika and for her friendship. From the minute...

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  • Nik's Chicken Sandwich with Cashew Korma and Mango Chutney {RECIPE}

    Nik's Chicken Sandwich with Cashew Korma and Mango Chutney {RECIPE}

    While bread might play the delivery medium for this sandwich, you most certainly can swap it out for a large flatbread like naan, paratha, or a tortilla to create a wrap. The rich creamy korma sauce adds a depth of velvety textures and flavors while the sweet mango chutney provides a delightful counterpart. Sometimes, I fold in chopped hard-boiled eggs and a few pickled roasted bell peppers.
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  • Hetty's Cauliflower, Fennel, and Potato Sabzi {RECIPE}

    Hetty's Cauliflower, Fennel, and Potato Sabzi {RECIPE}

    Thrilled to kick off our introduction to Khaana Collective* contributors with Hetty McKinnon. Hetty made a name for herself by delivering delicious salads on her bike to her Sydney community, leading her to write the best-selling cookbook Community: Salad Recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen (2014). She now lives in Brooklyn where she wrote two more spectacular cookbooks and founded multicultural magazine Peddler Journal. She's also a mother to 3 children. To say I am in awe of Hetty is an understatement.The first time we hung out, I didn't want to say goodbye because I felt like I was catching up with an old...

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