Curry Ketchup

Did you know our Curry Ketchup is available at your local Whole Foods and on Amazon with free Prime Shipping and at these stores near you.

If you love our tomato achaar, you are going to go wild for our Curry Ketchup which is a little sweeter and a little tangier with just the right amount of heat.  We make a homemade ketchup and then infuse it with the umami flavors found in our tomato achaar. Made with roasted garlic and chili peppers, this condiment will add a punch of flavor to grilled cheese (our favorite), burgers, brats, fries, and eggs.

Plus: our Curry Ketchup has a quarter of the sugar and half the sodium of regular ketchups and a ton more flavor!

"We think it would taste great with onion rings, hot dogs, or fries, but one staffer said that she’d “put this one on everything.” This is one of the more sophisticated sauces we tried, with its charred tomato flavor and a heat that lingers rather than stings." - Food & Wine

If you don't want to wait to taste it, grab one at your local Whole Foods in the condiments section!

Ingredients: tomato paste, water, brown sugar, distilled vinegar, salt, spices (including turmeric), garlic, sunflower oil, tamarind.