Our First In-Store Demos

Our First In-Store Demos
The last couple of weeks, we have been getting our tomato achaar product into a number of stores, which is totally exciting. That photo is above is from my latest demo at By Brooklyn. Thanks guys for taking the photo!

One part of selling in shops is doing in-store demos. I actually like this part a lot because you get to talk directly with customers about your product and how to use it. Since achaar is new in the markets that are carrying it, it's really important that people get to try the condiment and understand what it's all about.
For small food businesses just starting out, it's important to take the time to craft a demo sample that tastes really good and also gives customers an idea of how they will eat your product at home. I chose to serve my product the way I eat it at home often - on crackers with sharp raw cheddar.
This is a photo from my first in-store demo at Green Grape Provisions. I was kind of nervous, but the staff there is so nice and everyone that came up was so interested in what achaar was about. I found that a lot of the customers were taken with the fact that achaar can be used as a condiment as well as in cooking to add flavor to a quick dish.
All in all, demos are great because you learn a lot about what questions customers have about your product and also what they respond to most about it. It's a good way to get ideas and also for your customers to know the person behind the product.
Thanks By Brooklyn and Greene Grape for having us!