Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup

Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup

We've been getting a lot of messages about how much you all miss our Curry Ketchup so I decided I would give you the recipe! You may be interested to know what the secret ingredient is...

Years ago, I stumbled upon the delicious combo of ketchup and Tomato Achaar when Ben and I were having eggs for brunch and then we started dipping our grilled cheese sandwiches into it religiously. 

Next thing you know, our Curry Ketchup was born. It's so sad that we had to sunset this product for the time being but now you can make it at home yourself.

1 part favorite ketchup
1 part Tomato Achaar

Mix them together and enjoy with eggs, grilled cheese, burgers, etc. 

Thank you for loving our Curry Ketchup with such fervor, it means a lot! XO