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We produce premium Indian condiments and specialize in making an Indian pantry staple called achaar. Achaar (pronounced ah-char; 'pickled' in Hindi) is a flavor-packed condiment made from vegetables & fruits, aromatic spices and chili peppers - think of it as India’s equivalent to Sriracha but with a more complex flavor and without all the sugar. Add a little bit to whatever you’re eating to give it a spicy, sour, sweet and savory kick! Traditionally, achaar is eaten with rice, dal, curry or yogurt, but our recipe is super versatile and also pairs well on sandwiches, burgers, eggs, mixed into bowls, soups or noodles, with cheese & crackers, etc. and you can also use it to finish dishes - add a few spoons to punch up your pasta sauce, lentils or shakshuka.

Brooklyn Delhi condiments were developed by chef and cookbook author Chitra Agrawal. Since 2009, Chitra has specialized in serving, teaching and writing about Indian home cooking. She has been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, The Huffington Post, The Hindustan Times and Heritage Radio, among others for her cooking and is the author of Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn (Penguin Random House, March 2017).

Chitra travels to India each year to visit family and gain inspiration for her recipes. Much of what her suitcase is filled with going back home is (you guessed it!) achaar in oh so many varieties - green mango, gooseberry, red chili, carrot, etc. After getting her fiancé Ben Garthus hooked on the stuff (and running out of achaar before her next trip), they realized that the only achaars available for sale in the US were salt-heavy, cooked with unhealthy oils & preservatives and lacked that homemade flavor.

Chitra set out to make the condiment from ingredients she found around her in Brooklyn like tomatoes, rhubarb, garlic and American gooseberries.  Usually achaar is really spicy and really salty, which means you don’t eat a lot of it, but the Brooklyn Delhi recipe highlights the flavor of the vegetables and fruits and aromatic spices (that are also very healthy!), along with the chilies so it’s not all about burning your tongue off and raising your blood pressure:) After selling out of her achaars at pop-up events and cooking classes, Chitra and Ben decided to package them for everyone to enjoy.

Since launching, Brooklyn Delhi has attracted the attention of some of the world's leading food critics. Read all about it! And we've been the recipient of the following awards: Good Food AwardMake It in Brooklyn Pitch CompetitionBrooklyn-made Award from the Chamber of Commerce

All Brooklyn Delhi design and packaging is brought to you by Ben.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches in New York & we like it best...on everything!

We produce achaar in small batches in Brooklyn, NY & we like it best...on everything!










photo credit: D. Robert Wolcheck