California Dreamin' Veggie Sandwich

California Dreamin' Veggie Sandwich

This sandwich brings me back to my college days at Berkeley, a town that abounds with delicious veggie sandwiches. One of my favorite lunch spots was Intermezzo on Telegraph Avenue, famous for their hippy sandwiches full of fresh vegetables, sprouts and cheese on house made bread. My spin is to make a quick achaar mayo (either my Garlic or Tomato is delicious this way!) and spread the other slice with my Curry Mustard.

Serves 1


2 pieces of good bread


Brooklyn Delhi Roasted Garlic or Tomato Achaar

Cheddar or Swiss Cheese




Brooklyn Delhi Curry Mustard or regular mustard


Making this sandwich is so easy I am just going to tell you how to do it in this paragraph. Take two pieces of good bread (sometimes I lightly toast the bread if I have time) I take one half and spread mayo (I actually love Vegenaise) and then add a spoonful of Roasted Garlic or Tomato Achaar on top of the mayo and swirl it in. Next, I layer on cheese (cheddar or Swiss are my go-to's), lettuce (love me some butter lettuce), cucumbers, sprouts ( adding onion slices or tomato too is highly recommended). Then take your other bread slice and spread it with Curry Mustard (or regular mustard). Voila, you have a delish veggie sandwich!