Cheddar & Curry Mustard Tartine

Cheddar & Curry Mustard Tartine

This tartine is based on one I would order at Le Pain Quotidien while in grad school. They no longer offer it on their menu so I have fun recreating it at home with sharp cheddar and my Curry Mustard, along with seasonal fruits (i.e. sliced peaches, apples, avocado) and herbs. I like adding a little sev on top for crunch.

Serves 1 


1 slice of bread, toasted 

Brooklyn Delhi Curry Mustard or regular mustard

Sharp Cheddar or Gruyere, sliced 

Seasonal fruits (peaches, apples, avocados), sliced 

Cilantro or herb of choice, chopped 

Sev (optional) 

Salt, Pepper, or Chili Flakes 


Spread Curry Mustard or regular mustard on toast. 

Layer with cheddar and seasonal fruit.

Garnish with chopped cilantro and optional sev. 

Sprinkle on salt, pepper or chili flakes. Serve!