Coconut Curry Soup Dumplings

Coconut Curry Soup Dumplings

These Coconut Curry Soup Dumplings are such a comfort during the winter and hit the spot every. single. time. 

Check out the recipe video here


1 jar Golden Coconut Curry 

Chili crisp, to taste 

10 frozen soup dumplings 

Tomato Achaar, to taste 

Fresh cut scallions 


Pour the entire jar of Golden Coconut Curry simmer sauce into a pan over medium heat. Fill the empty jar about halfway with water, shake, and pour into the pan. Add about 1-2 tablespoons of chili crisp for your desired heat level. 

Add the soup dumplings, cover and let cook for about 13 minutes. 

Garnish the cooked dumplings with Tomato Achaar, chili crisp, and scallions. Serve immediately!