Tomato Achaar Tadka Yogurt Dip

Tomato Achaar Tadka Yogurt Dip

Super quick and easy dip for any occasion! 

Check out recipe video here!


1 cup Greek yogurt or labneh

2-3 tablespoons oil 

2 dry red chillies

4-5 curry leaves

1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon urad dal, optional 

1/2 jar Tomato Achaar


Spread yogurt evenly over on your serving plate and set aside. 

Heat your oil until it's slightly smoking in the pan. Toss in your chillies, curry leaves, cumin seeds, and dal. Let it sizzle for 30 seconds. 

Add Tomato Achaar to the mix and stir. Spoon the tadka mixture over the yogurt and serve with crackers.